OmniTrust Cyber Research Institute (OTCRI)

Security First

The OTCRI is the research unit of OmniTrust technologies focused on fundamental research in cyber ethics and cognitive computing in Cyber security. The OTCRI cognitive labs are meant to be a sand box for developer and student community to experiment and learn the application of cognitive computing in cyber domain. Current capabilities include hands-on activities in Bluemix and Azure platforms with ability to invoke and configure various APIs for integration with applications.

OTCRI is working to hosts an annual conference in the area of cyber security. In addition to the conference OTCRI host boot camps for CISSP and CCSP. These and other professional development training are planned for 2018 along with a workshop for millennials in the area of cyber security and awareness.


In 2017 OTCRI piloted our internship program. Our goal is to engage students in real world activities that will enhance their future career. The intern has the opportunity to work hands on with real life projects. We strive to create an individualized program to meet the need of the current student. As such each intern is evaluated at the start of the internship so that we may provide the appropriate guidance and a fulfilling experience.


The OTCRI organizes an annual International Conference on Computer Science, Security, Privacy, and Governance (ICCSSPG) focused on cyber security and provides a platform for research scholars to publish their papers, present their research along with poster sessions. First conference is scheduled for 2018 in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Millennial Cyber Security Workshop

The workshops teach millennials about cyber security and threats along with methods to counteract them. Enabling them modify their risky online behavior. The company is in the process of running workshops in the US and Asia at high-school level with the sole intention of creating cyber awareness.

Professional Training

CISSP and CCSP workshops are designed as an intensive preparation course for (ISC)2 industry certifications. The workshops are held over five days.